Monday, January 3, 2011

Trying to Make Blogging a Habit - Day 5ish

If Only I Were a Vulcan!

This morning, I wrote three or four blog entries, complete with pictures, while in my kitchen making breakfast.     For me, the ideas are rarely the problem.  The reason I don't post to my blogs is that I'm not a Vulcan.  I cannot just meld my well-written sentences, my interesting title, and my chosen photographs into a posted blog entry.   

No, I am human, so I have to stumble through the word choices, try to remember the title that seemed so witty while stirring the peanut butter(and contained my targeted key words), and search through my computer for that picture that I just know is here somewhere.

Hey --- look!  I did it!    It needs some editing for sure - and I don't have a picture.    But... I got my thoughts to your screen.   My mind to your mind?  I think it was a smart way to start.  (and, I get to keep my rounded ears!)

What's stopping you from making blogging a habit?  How can you push through it?  Take a step and get started - I'm feeling really good that I did!    


PS.   Aren't the Vulcans drained after a mind meld?   I'm feeling energized and ready to "meld" a few more thoughts to my screen.


  1. I think you are describing me! Cute :)

  2. Ha ha! Great humor and you also have a great point! I think my biggest roadblock is lack of a plan. I'm so looking forward to having one this year!