Monday, January 3, 2011

Making Blogging a Habit - Day 1

About a week ago, I got notice that my SEO guru, J Cricket Walker, was putting together a blogging challenge, and promptly deleted it.  Later that day, I got another email from Cricket, with a few particulars about the challenge - V7N network, Facebook Group, starting January 3rd for 30 days...    I didn't delete it.

A little later, I followed the email to the V7N network, and started actually considering it.  I posted to the thread, joined the Facebook Group, and added my blog url to the list of participants.    I was still just thinking about it.   I even indicated that I was not at all committed to posting a blog entry every day for 30 days.

Then, I started getting email notifications from the FaceBook Group.   I had not realized I was set up for that, but was too lazy to change my settings.   Instead, I started reading the comments and getting more and more and more interested in blogging.  Blogging to direct traffic to my store, blogging as a personal journal... blogging to help other people make blogging a habit.

Today is January 3rd, 2011, Day 1 of the "Post a Blog Entry a Day for 30 Days".  This is the first day I am posting a blog entry, BUT, I'm about 5 days into "Making Blogging a Habit".   Mulling it over for the past 5 days, and reading about other people mulling it over -- most of whom Id never met before -- has been a very very important part. 

Blogging is a smart thing to do when selling online.  I'll be exploring it in this blog (this month, this year, and next year!).   Making blogging a habit is a smart way to get the most out of blogging.   And, over the past 5 days, Ive found that talking with others who are trying to make blogging a habit is a smart way do it.

Feel free to join me...  whether you are reading this on Jan 3rd 2011... or Jan 23rd 2011, or October 5th, 2012...  anytime is a good time to get started.  

I'd love to hear about it!   Post here, or, join Cricket's Facebook Group (its open to everyone, and its fine to start late... no prizes, no rules!)

Talk to you soon (and the next day, and the next day, and the next day....)


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