Saturday, August 21, 2010

Share and Learn with Other Online Sellers

Get in the pack... the MOM PACK! 

You don't need to be a werewolf, and you don't have to be a Mom... you just have to be willing to share and learn about selling online, or any other independant business you might own.
Its free to join Mom Pack.    And, with so so many members (over 9,000 last I checked) any topic you might imagine is probably covered.    Your only obligation is to SHARE.... share Mom Pack with others by adding a link to it to your blog, online store, website, email signature - anywhere you can.
To get started, click the "Click to Join" link.   Once your membership (free!) is approved/set up, you will get a few welcome emails with the policies and such.   (be SURE to read them, the RULES are really what make Mom Pack SO GREAT!)

Start out by introducing yourself.   Or, start out just by reading what others are asking and talking about. After your introduction, try responding to a few of the messages and questions that are posted to the group (reply directly to the recipient).

Then, go ahead and ask your question.     Responses will usually be emailed to  you directly.     Similarly, if YOU have an answer to any of the questions you see, you can email the person directly with your advice, or information.  

Be a smart business owner... share what you know, learn from what others are asking, and have a sounding board and vast pool of knowledge.


PS.Remember, the more you SHARE, the more you LEARN.

PPS.   Mom Pack offers a LOT LOT more than their email list.   Let me know what you've found on Mom Pack!

PPPS.  Now over 9,000 members!

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