Friday, July 16, 2010

Instill Buyer Confidence with These Website Clean Up Tasks

If Ive convinced you of the need to keep your site tidy to instill buyer confidence, here are some example tasks.    I hope they lead you to think of additional clean up tasks as well. 
  • Check every link on your home page --- make sure each one takes you to the correct place.    Note any page that needs to be fixed.
  •  Check the links on every "kind" of page you have.  Most websites are built using templates, so if all of your product pages are created from the same "Product Page Template", and all of your informational pages are created from the same "Info Page Template", then you'll just need to check the links on one of each kind of page.   Note anything that needs to be fixed.
  • If you have a "links" page, be sure all of those go somewhere too!    Remove any that go to error pages, or that do not go to the site you expected them too.
  • Check the content on all of your informational pages...  policies, shipping info, etc.   This can be done from "your side" of your site, so you can edit the content as you go along.   For this Clean Up task, focus specifically on finding typos and inconsistencies in formatting and information.  Note any policies you'd like to reconsider for later.
  • Find any and all items which are out of stock, and delete them (or hide them).
Take Down ALL Those Holiday Decorations
Another important thing to do while cleaning up your site is make sure all of your "holiday decorations" are down.    When talking about our websites, "Holiday" refers to any specific time of year --- holidays, seasons, events (Back to School), etc.  "Decorations" refers to any reference at all... not just graphics!
  • Look for and remove any references to holiday shipping schedule and special return policies.  
  • Check your product descriptions for "great stocking stuffer" or "perfect for her Easter Basket" or even "keep cool this summer in ....." when summer is winding down.
Be a smart seller... Do some of these tasks today.  Set a date in your schedule for the others - and a date to repeat the tasks you did today.     Regular clean up keeps the messes away, and the website buyer confidence up!    

I would love to hear what you find while cleaning up!   Id also love to hear additional clean up tasks beyond the examples Ive given here.   

Thank you, and Best Wishes


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