Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yes You Need a Facebook Account

I found this photo of my niece slipped between my fridge and the cabinetry this morning.  Good thing it was actually her birth announcement, or I wouldn't have known who it was.    
I right away thought:
"I'll post this on Facebook, and tag it with Debbie's name, and comment how it could be "any female baby".   She, and our parents and cousins and aunts will get a kick out of it.  Plus, our old High School friends might like hearing the age of her kids, etc."

Nope. I can't do that.  My sister doesn't have a Facebook Account.  

I could call her, but its 6:30am at her house.   I could email her, but its really not all that interesting.   She probably has the same photo hanging on her bedroom wall.

This situation really needs Facebook.    Its not worthy of sending an email to every relative and family friend I have contact info for.    Yet.... it would be cute, and those people likely would enjoy seeing the baby photo again.    Some would see it, some wouldn't - no problem.   Some would make a quick comment, some wouldn't - no problem.    There is no NEED for anyone to see it.

But, if someone did see it, it might make them smile.  It might lead them to post a much older baby photo of our great-great-great-grandsomeone...   Nope, none of that NEEDS to happen.   None of us NEED to talk to each other at all.   

So, right, none of us NEEDS a Facebook Account.  For those of us who do have one, though, we are enjoying many personal benefits, such as:
  • Staying in touch with relatives
  • Getting to know acquaintances
  • Maintaining friendships
  • Getting to know new family members
  • Sounding board of people who know us -- to vent, to ask for advice, to ask for help
  • Hearing about local events of interest
  • Getting a quick chuckle
  • Making someone else chuckle
  • Doctor/Carpenter/Kennel reccomendations
I'll allay some of the common reasons to not use Facebook in my next message.  I'll also share smart things to do with Facebook for your Online Sales businesses.

  For now, I'm going to savor the benefits.   In fact... its before 9am, but I am going to go be amongst the first to wish my mother a happy birthday -- by posting it to her Facebook Account.


PS -- WOW, I was the 1st American to post Happy Birthday to my mom today.   A few of our relatives in Europe did get to it first.   And, a good friend of my parents' - who they became friends with more than 40 years ago - had posted her wishes early, a couple days ago.  I enjoyed flipping through her photos.


  1. I admit, I'm a FB addict. I've re-connected with friends, as well as family members. I almost can't remember what the world was like before we had it!

  2. Nice job...

    My first thought was to send the link to some friends that I'd had a discussion about FB with, my second impulse was to post you a link to a blog post where I warned about privacy issues...

    I'm thinking about doing both.

  3. Love this. And, yes, it's a new standard in our daily lives: Is this Facebook worthy?

  4. For me facebook is one of the most efficient ways of keeping in touch.

  5. Entertaining and informative. I'm looking forward to future posts.

  6. I like your blog.. It is very appropriate for this challenge.. I have read it several times.

  7. Thank you for all the comments. I am spread thin, and have not been doing what I'd thought of doing with this, but Selling Online is something I love talking about.