Sunday, January 10, 2010

Be a Successful Online Seller

PART of being a successful online seller is "what will sell". At LEAST as important is "those items being found", and "those who find (and want them) them being comfortable enough to place an order with you".

To get your items FOUND, I very highly recommend the SEO Techniques eBook by J Cricket Walker - . Its over 50 pages of solid content, explaining what needs to be done, AND, how it all works together.

To make your visitors COMFORTABLE buying from you, I highly recommend her "Website Marketing" articles, found here:

This is not Marketing as in "advertising", its Marketing as in "Be appealing to your customer".

The articles address how to make your site appeal to shoppers, how to KEEP visitors on your site, and how to instill visitor trust/confidence.  From making your site "user friendly" to allowing them to trust you to fulfill their order (and enter their payment info!)... she touches on so many common sense things that many of us just won't see when viewing our OWN online stores.

Most is free and fast and easy to implement... but things you may not have thought of in terms of how online buyers react to sites. (The articles posted there are in alphabetical order, so please look through all the topics, rather than working in order)

Take the smart path, and take advantage of this out information to help you succeed! Let me know how it goes!


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