Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take the Leap to Selling from Your Own Website

I'd been selling on eBay for several years, Amazon too. I'd considered creating my own site a few times, but it never seemed worth the work for the reduction in fees. In April or May of 2008, I took a fresh look, and finally, Went For It.

These three key things finally got me to DO IT.

#1. I Wanted my sales to be higher, and saw postings to the eBay stores board over and over that there was an ADDITIONAL market outside of eBay.... eBay store sellers stating their sales were up from their websites, while they were down on eBay

#2 Yet another announcement from eBay manipulating how *I* run *my* business.

#3 Reading a woman on the eBay Stores board state she was selling 1000 a month through her website.

Still... I really did not believe these additional sales would come......

My eBay listings were very very often shown in Google search results in those 3 Google Base results, and fairly often in the first page of regular goggle results. So, I assumed anyone who wanted my items, but did not start out on eBay would find them, and buy them. I assumed there was only ONE market.

I ALSO firmly believed that no one would choose to buy from "Cindy's Website" when they could buy from eBay - a household name, with a feedback system, "seller protection", etc.

Turns out I was TOTALLY WRONG in my assumptions. There ARE people who have never purchased through eBay, and feel its too complicated to do so now. Thus, they simply ignore any Google search results that are from eBay. If they do happen to open a listing through Google base, they click right back out when they see its on eBay.

As smart sellers, we know that customer perception is what matters. And customers who perceive our items as too complicated to purchase will not be purchasing any of our available items.

For me, taking the leap was definitly the Smart thing to do.

Perhaps its time for you to make that smart leap too. If so, I use BuyItSellIt eCommerce Solution. Don't worry, you can keep one foot planted on eBay or Amazon... but leap with that other foot.


Ill be posting again soon regarding how I transistioned from selling through online marketplaces (such as eBay and Amazon) to selling through my own Independent Online Website. If you cant wait to get started

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