Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Advertise Your Business - Yourself!

YOU know your business the best, so you can advertise your business, yourself!

If you are like me, and your business is related to your interests or your lifestyle, then chances are, YOU are going places your potential customers go too.    

Perhaps you sell baby safety products, like Kay of My Precious Kid.  Her market is people with babies, and expectant parents.   While Kay is out of the baby stage and not often in Babies R Us or at the obstetrician's office, her market is everywhere.   Parents of infants and expectant parents go just about everywhere.

YOU can be a "walking billboard" for your business - without looking like an over-eager campaign worker.
My favorite way to do this is with an accessory, rather than with an article of clothing.   This way, you can add it and remove it as desired - and - you can wear it every day, without doing laundry each day.

For my business, I had nylon backpacks made with a niche-related graphic, and my url at the bottom.     My daughter and I carry them while out and about - wherever we might go - and certainly to any horse related events we attend.

The graphic + url does two things.    The graphic is a conversation piece - strangers ask us about our love of horses, and tell us of their love of horses.   Ive always been ready to strike up conversations with strangers while waiting in line, and I love talking about horses and my business, so it doesn't feel weird.    Its natural conversation.    We are just chatting with someone who commented on our bag - just as we would about our shoes.

This also happens while using our products.   I sell horse themed clothing, and my daughter and I have horse themed clothing in our wardrobes too.   Again, sometimes resulting in comments from other festival goers and mall shoppers.

With the url on the bag as well, people become aware of when they walk by, or see my bag slung over my restaurant chair.

I, myself, prefer to keep it subtle - and again, natural.    I do not wear horse themed apparel every day, and don't usually carry a bag while doing so.   I also tend to do so more often in very public places, rather than when invited to a neighbor's backyard Bar-B-Que.

But - you are going places... your market goes places - places specific to your niche, as well as places everyone goes.     Be smart and use your products while out and about, and, go a step farther and order a few bags to carry, or notebooks or whatever fits with your lifestyle.

I'd love to hear how you advertise your business yourself, so please leave me a comment.
Thank you,


  1. I really like your idea, especially with the catchy graphics. To me it seems more unique than apparel with a logo, so probably gets more a of a second look or closeup glance.

  2. Great job on this Cindy !

    You are so right in that often it is the informal "selling" that really works.

    Have a good day !

    Organically Yours,