Saturday, January 8, 2011

What are the Best Tools for Selling Online?

No one can tell you what the best free tools for selling online are, just as no one could tell you the best name for your baby, or jeans that will fit you best.   

What is best depends on so many factors, it would be impossible to consider them all when choosing selling tools.   And, choosing the best tool would require that someone study every option in existence - also not possible.   

The "best" thing I can tell you is to stop looking for "the best".   More tools will become available while you are doing your research, AND, while doing that research, you will learn about additional factors to consider. 

So, please, excuse yourself from seeking "the best", like I have.

Please -- do not confuse the list below of "The Best Tools for Selling Online".   I assure you, I am not aware of every tool out there and I have not tried out most of the tools I am aware of.     

The tools I list below, however, are tools I  have been happy with for at least a year - usually 2 or more years.    I have not stumbled across a better tool, and have not become so frustrated with the tool that I've sought and found an alternative.    
The Free Online Selling Tools *I* Use  (Bonus --- these are all free!)
 Remember, the list above is not intended to indicate "The Best".   Be smart when selling online, stop worrying about finding the best, and start doing your best.

PS.  If you have a suggestion for an additional tool for selling online, please let me know.

PPS.  If you find a problem with any of the above tools, or use an alternate tool that is closer to the best than one of mine, please let me know.   I' always interested in moving closer to the best, even though I am not interested in searching for the best.
Then... (not the) Best Tools for Selling Online Which Do Cost Money


  1. Oh Cindy. This is EXACTLY the problem I am struggling with right now, while trying to find a mailing list service. Too much research and not enough ACTION!

    In my research, though, I did find this one which is free for up to 1,000 contacts and up to 1,000 emails per month. I've not used them so I can't personally endorse, but free is worth a shot, right?

  2. At some point, you have to be an engineer instead of a scientist... and realize you are close enough!

    By the way --- I use which is free for 1000 addresses, 6000 sends (per year, I think)

  3. The "best" tool would depend on merchant's use, how he will utilize it for his business. For instance, if you are selling marketing services, your business will boost if you are listed on top of Google's search page, but if you are selling authentic Rolex or Cartier watches the strategy is not applicable for you. The said watches are expensive, only a few will buy the products online. So an effective way to market this is to have a brick store and target your 'local market' online. A digital catalog software that would allow consumers to browse products with ease have proven to be very effective in increasing sales. Clients are able to choose products comfortably, and scrutinize each without having to go through the watches one by one.