Saturday, January 8, 2011

(not the) Best Free Resources for Selling Online

As I mentioned previously... I cannot tell you the BEST resources for selling online.     I am not aware of all of the resources available, and certainly have not personally used even 5% of those available.

So, this is just the....
List of Resources *I* Use for Selling Online
Bonus -- This list is FREE resources only!
I am sure there are more, but, for now... this my list of the FREE resources I use frequently while Selling Online.   Remember --- its not always smart to seek out the BEST.

PS.   In case you are not convinced not to seek the BEST tools and resources for Selling online....   While looking for an image for this post, I entered "Best" into a clip art search tool.   My search returned this image of Rick Astley.


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  1. Great list Cindy! I use a lot of those myself and plan to check the others out!

    A different Cindy :)