Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Smart sellers need smart resources. My highest reccomendation goes to J. Cricket Walker, owner of

If you need to learn about Search Engine Optimization, there are plenty of sites and "gurus" out there - some of which know what they are doing, and some of which do not. I found Cricket through the Mom Pack... a group of over 5000 independant business owners. The founders and moderators of the group only reccomend her - because they know she is the real deal.

I took that reccomendation, signed up for her FREE online SEO class, and bought her 20$ SEO ebook. I studied - as though I were taking a college course- during August and September, 2008, implemented her strategies... and never looked back. My sales took off after Google re-indexed my sites in early October(with the improvements in place).

I, now, can also say I find Cricket to be the REAL DEAL. She isnt trying to scam you, and isnt trying to sell you anything else(I do not think her ebook links to even ONE paid service - only to free articles on her website, and free services offered by other sites). She is just sharing her knowledge, in an honest way, designed to help those new to selling online become successful!

(Sure, she DOES offer paid services, and she DOES endorse services/software - she is in business.... just like the rest of us. But, she tells you what you need to know about SEO (and other aspects of selling online) without any need for you to buy anything, AND, without any pressure for you to buy anything. )

If you have little or no training / experience with SEO, do the smart thing and enroll in her free classes or buy her ebook (I receive no commision on the sale). If you think you are well versed in SEO... do yourself a favor and follow along with her class.... to confirm what you've been doing... and to hear if from a different perspective (I expect there are plenty of golden nuggets of info, even for those up on the subject).

Now thats smart!

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