Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Branding for Businesses Selling Online

Have you been Twittering, creating Facebook Business Pages, blogging, and commenting on related blogs?   Have you thought about Branding?

Branding has to do with the public recognizing your business.

Its how even an 18 month old "knows" the billboard ahead is for McDonalds, even though he has never seen that particular billboard before.   McDonalds uses their "Golden Arches" in all of their advertisements and communications - always.

Icons like those golden arches are often called logos.   They can be a graphic, a graphic with text, or text displayed as a graphic. 

I have a professionally made logo for my main business,

I use the girl from the logo as my Twitter avatar, as my Profile Photo on its Facebook business page, and on my business related blog.

I also use it as my avatar on any related forums or blogs I post to.

One short cut to this is to add an image to your Google Account.   Another is to set up a "gravitar" through  .

Many blogs use one of these services to "find" those making comments - just from their email address (rather than having to set up a profile individually).     

The idea here is name recognition leads to buyer confidence.  

The first time someone clicks into your site (from a search result, lets say), they will not recognize your site, nor your logo.   The third time they come across your logo - perhaps as an avatar on a forum you posted to - they will likely recognize having seen the logo before.

Soon enough, a person will feel like they "know" your business - even if, perhaps, they have never placed an order with the business.

The next time they happen to click into your site, they may feel more comfortable.... familiarity leads to comfort, comfort leads to confidence, confidence leads to "going for it" (and making that purchase, or requesting more info on that service...).  

Its just human nature to feel more comfortable with things we have seen before, than with things that seem totally new.   Nature designed us to be smart.    So, do the smart thing and work with human nature!   When  you are twittering, facebooking, blogging, or chatting for business, include a memorable, consistent BRAND.  

Be Smart!

PS - YES!  Selling Online for Smarties is in desperate need of some branding!     If you  have ideas for a graphic logo, please post your concept or email it to me (   If something clicks, I will review your site and offer my suggestions for free.    (so, if you comment, please be sure I can reach you!)
Thank you! Cindy

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