Sunday, January 4, 2009

Give your website logo a mini-makeover

Whether you paid top dollar to have a logo created, or you created it yourself, you can tweek it a little now and then. Of course, remember to always keep several back up copies of the original!

Use whatever graphics/drawing program you are comfortable with, including
Paint(from the Windows Accessories folder).

My logo was created by HP LogoWorks (I got very lucky and got in on a freebie through eBay when Logoworks first got started).

I mostly use a cropped version, seperating the girl from the text, for better flexibility. Ive also cropped it to a square to use as my Avatar on Twitter, Google, and other sites - with and without the text naming my url.

Some changes Ive made to "my girl":
I first added long sleeves, to give her the layered look. This is how I most commonly use her.

I've also....left her in the short sleeves... given her a tank top (Im not thrilled with it, but its not so bad either), and dressed her up for Christmas

For Valentine's Day, I contracted with Gayla from RiverTree Designs to show her dreaming of a horse on her top.

(BTW -- Great tip from Gayla: Always start from a copy of the highest resolution file you have when making new tweeks. Then resize the "new original" to suit your needs)

In all of these iterations, its still clear its the same logo, but it gives a fresh look, and also puts viewers in the seasonal frame of mind.

Remember to use your logos in your site header, in emails to customers, on your printed receipts, on your blog, wherever. Even for a small online sales business, people will begin to become familiar seeing your logo, which will lead to a sense of comfort in choosing to work with you.

I would love to see what you smarties come up with. Please post a link to your before and after logo images!

Have fun!

PS - Be Smart - keep several back up copies!

PPS - Yes, you CAN do it, even if you can't draw well. Remember, you are not starting from scratch, you are just making some tweeks! And... most importantly, you have several saved copies of your original. If what you try doesn't work out, just ditch it and start again.

Most Windows PCs will have "Paint" in the "Accessories" folder from the start menu. Go for it!

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  1. Great ideas! I think a little freshening up is good now & then. I will have to take a look at my logo and see what I can improve.